domenica 18 febbraio 2018

The newest British crusade against its phantoms.

Last December the United Kingdom of Great Britain intervened by spending millions of pounds to support an anti-slavery campaign promoted by the Nigerian government in an attempt to curb, the Nigerian government, the exodus, and the British, entry into its territory, upright African human tide coming in particular, but not only from Nigeria.

The intention of the Nigerian government, National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), would be to curb the exodus from the countryside of the south of the country, using sterling to create jobs, to induce local clergy to press on communities, to create awareness about the ineffectiveness of the various magical rites, especially Juju, which act as psychological constraints to induce girls to leave and thus occupy the margins of the streets of many European cities.

This is what Reuters tells us, reporting the data provided by the World Organization for Migration, obviously indicating Italy as the open door to this exodus through which thousands of emigrants arrive in Europe.

So we have a social policy on the one hand and a spiritual campaign against witchcraft on the other.

It must be said that the creators and supporters of the project rely heavily on the help of potential repentants, ready to unveil the modus operandi and the structures involved in these trades.

Well, commendable attempt: maybe a little late.

After a few centuries of colonial history it would have been possible to wake up a little earlier, which would have helped to not get to the point of being forced to hope for the betrayal of some criminal; but here we Italians can not speak of pure souls.

It seems to me euphemistic that the various Pentecostal confessions and religious parishes, present massively in the south of Nigeria, the architects of those campaigns of satanic ritual psychological terror that for decades have contributed to increase the insecurity of a society mostly tribal and anchored to nature and his arcana, give up an obvious form of power over simple people.

In essence, policies of this type, with a lot of media rebels, seem to me a centrifuge for heavy heads with a dirty conscience.

Lesson learned: there is a theme that is now a problem represented by the Nigerian diaspora in the world, and for what concerns us more closely, in Europe and in our country; this is also globalization or globalization you do, including the Nigerian mafia.

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