lunedì 6 luglio 2015

Syriza, Ventotene and the market-state.

Once again it fell to Greece to show the way; and it makes me feel a certain euphoria. The dominance of reason over the calculation, although not naturally antithetical, inspires confidence.
Before every other consideration should it be clarified that this step is not due to negative economic conjuncture, which represent only a symptom, but the very nature of the process of European unification.
We forget that the founding fathers, driven and supported by an idealistic inspiration in thinking the Union, were equipped with an equally pragmatic sense of reality so as to base the integration process on the interest that, over time, would lead to that outcome political union well aware that the reverse would be an unrealistic attempt.
Today we are at this point: the question is not about rescue or restructure Greece, the issue is: the European Union is a society of nations or wants to be the union of peoples cohesively towards a future of peace and prosperity?
Said differently, more on the historical perspective: the nation state will evolve permanently in state-market or the policy will still be the catalyst of the interests of the people. Or: who we want to prevail the individual, or the individual as part of a community? The answer to these questions in different proposition but identical in substance form the frame for the evolution of the West.
Now, in terms that best suits the my comfort zone, I must clarify that this issue is crucial to analyze the phenomena of transnational organized crime for the way they are structured for some time to come; mafias thrive where the exercise of force, as it regulates social relationships, is not fully utilized by the state. So, in a situation where it is not politics but the economy that dictates the rules, mafias are at ease because they operate according to economic criteria typically aimed at profit.
The current international situation, from east to west, is characterized by this contrast; they are the corollary groove deepening between the North and South, and the deepening of the gap between rich, less and less, and poor, more and more, the development of the phenomena of indiscriminate onset and transnational criminal networks, which share converging interests and economic power.

Where to prevail, will be the model of state-market it will be very difficult to counter the advance of the forces criminals and insurgents resulting in an increase of insecurity.

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