martedì 7 luglio 2015

Germany: operation Rheinbrücke. The criminal Italian penetration and 'ndrangheta model abroad.

Last night, the Italian Carabinieri of Reggio Calabria in collaboration with the German side law enforcement agencies, have arrested ten subjects investigated for association in mafya type organization aggravated by the transnational offenses, as committed in Italy and Germany by an organized criminal group engaged in criminal activities in more than one state. The operation conventionally called "Rheinbrücke", whose investigations were initiated in 2012, made it possible to disrupt the “Società of Singen (D)”, as well as to ascertain the existence of other "locali" in the city of Rielasingen (D), Ravensburg (D) and Engen (D), linked with the 'Ndrangheta in the province of Reggio Calabria. No news about the existence of this kind of export criminal model, but what will be interesting, as soon as available, will be to analyze the way the prosecutor were able to context the aggravation of been part of transnational crime organization according to Italian law linked to the Palermo Convention on Transnational Organized Crime, 2000.

Diritto all’oblio e indagini reputazionali

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