domenica 24 maggio 2015

The mafias and the beauty.

In these days of commemorations (of presenteeism and bad conscience) of the victims of mafia's and victims for the Cause, even stronger reverberate the words of one of the rare people who have fought the mafia only from personal conviction. In a Mafia family, in a country of mafia, in a region and in a country of blind eyes, Peppino Impastato suggests: "If you teach the beauty to the people, it would provide a weapon against resignation, Fear and silence. the existence of horrible buildings sprung suddenly, with all their squalor, from speculative transactions, you get used to with ease ready, you bring the curtains on the windows, the plants on the windowsill, and soon you forget how were these places before, and everything, for the sole reason that it is so, apparently having to be so always and forever. This is why we should educate people to the beauty: because men and women do not creep more the habit and resignation but always remain alive the curiosity and wonder. "
Cinisi, January 5, 1948 - Cinisi, May 9, 1978, killed by the Mafia.

Ecco come difendersi dal mobbing e dallo straining

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