giovedì 5 marzo 2015

The Sicilian Mafia and the Libyan crisis.

Recently the Italian Minister of Interior has reported to the Parliament on the activities undertaken in 2014 by the Anti-Mafia Investigation Department, the operating tool to combat organized crime; he has pointed out that  foreign organized criminals networks in Italy  are structured according to the characteristics related to the common criminal association accordingly to Italian penal code  and is mainly devoted to drug trafficking and crimes against property in general. 
Furthermore that foreign criminals organizations who act on Italian territory are characterized by specialization in certain areas and congenial criminal activities, establishing ethnic relations aimed at the creation illegal activities. Albanian and Chinese emerge, by number and obstinacy, in the achievements of criminal activities, while, at a lower level, are classified Nigerian ones, and then the Eurasian.
So far the Minister.
For me it is interesting to note that for the first time it has been declared the ability of alien criminal organizations to forge, not only merely occasional relationships with Italian organized even with the of mafya-type ones; this is a very interesting phenomenon because it is in via of expansion and evolution from the criminology point of view. In particular, in  Sicily have long been evident the increasing number of links that associate Italian and foreign mafia organizations networks  in particular the provinces of Syracuse and Agrigento.
So in this respect, it is confirmed what has already been extensively described, and essentially in line with the evolutionary process of criminal mafia-type operating in the south of Italy. since the second half of the Nineties the Mafias, and the Sicilian one in particular, have started a slow but steady transformation over time. The 'ndrangheta has finally projected its interests n the international market of drugs; the Camorra has returned to the level that is more congenial to itself, the control local criminal activities, even low-profile ones, and the Sicilian Mafia is still engaged in the process of restructuring. However, all, as common factor, are engaged in the reconquest of their respective territories; mafias, with the collapse of the established political and business ties are forced to regenerate in entities more close to the times.
Within this general framework, the element that more than any other should lead to a careful consideration is the welding of criminal interests converged between Italian and foreign criminal organizations.
In the past, Romanians, Georgians, Pakistanis and Eritreans, to give just a few examples, were considered of little criminal ethnic profile underestimating their relational capacity, the construction of logistics networks and transnational marked feature. While attention was focused on Albanian, Chinese and Nigerians, of course  with greater criminal background, other ethnic groups laid the groundwork to carry out their criminal activities not in alternative, but in addition to them.
In essence, the process of restructuring the criminal mafias homegrown, the economic downturn and the globalization of world flows, encourage interaction between the Italian and the foreign criminal creating a further source of concern for the security and public order.
In conclusion, it should be denounced the urgent need to act promptly, before these links take characters resilient, rethinking the approach to these forms of crime framing it primarily in a markedly transnational context using the investigative tools provided by the specific aggravating envisaged by the Italian penal code.standard criminal hitherto under consideration.
It will be essential a completely new approach to these criminal phenomena completely changing the point of view of the evolution in the understanding that nowadays to tackle even internal organized criminal networks must have the  knowledge of the dynamics of global criminal activities and evolution.
For example, if you do not know the criminal situation in Libya, and its weight in domestic politics, you can not understand if, and in what, way Sicilian criminal organizations will benefit from the flow of migrants and illicit trafficking that from that country invest the whole of Europe through Italy.
Changing perspective is of a tremendous helps to design different and possible scenarios.

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