domenica 4 gennaio 2015

We are at war aren't we?

Someone has not really noticed yet, but we are at war.
It must be said that it was no declared with any official statement by the "big monster" of international speculators who have for long time “ripped strips of flash from the body of this country” which continues to think it can solve its problems closing in itself and with a political arena asphyxiated and such “small”.
But this economic war is not only about finance, which is seen more as a tool, but undoubtedly about the -future world order- designed by the international actors intents on protecting its national interests.
Only a few reflections allow us to open new scenarios and probably illuminate ways out at the time unthinkable clarifying the concept of “undeclared war” and then to make it less apocalyptic starting from the speech given by Russian President December 4 to the Russian Federal Assembly in which he referred to the roots of the Motherland no longer identifying them with the Rus', the ancient principality of Ukraine in Kiev, but even more far in the centuries in the mythical city of Kherson on the Black Sea and so in Crimea. The story teaches us not to humiliate the today’s losers as these will be the winners of tomorrow.
The Holy Mother Russia as a wounded bear defends its territory and leads paw ferocious often heedless of the effects even forherself. And then, after that NATO has created the Kosovo, Putin, young Prince Vladimir, in 2008 decided to gain access to the Black Sea in bringing under its direct sphere of influence Abkhazia (and its ports) and recently Sevastopol with its important military arsenal.
The Russians are defending their homeland, its national sovereignty and their living space.
A new game is in progress boundaries -the limes- that in the period of the Cold War was based on the agreements of Yalta was defined. Today the all is under discussion: first in Georgia and then in the Crimea, and recently in the Donbass, and again tomorrow definitely in Moldova, Russia mark their territory and does it with the usual lever.
This is the geopolitical picture, but the crime what got to do with all this?
Well, as matter of facts today as the events suggests and continue to confirm, is a geopolitical tool, very effective in this historical period; in every area of crisis phenomena of organized crime are decisive as these organizations have the direct management of the territories and resources, legal and illegal, and have physical and relational networks capable of supporting any initiative type insurgency. By now, no form of insurgency can avoid links with local crime.
The Donbass province is crucial for Russia in the effort to create a buffer zone, the  New Russia, encompassing the Ukrainians south-eastern territories to joining the Crimea and the Black Sea secular staple in Russian geopolitical strategies.
First of all it should be clarified that the situation seems now well established: Moscow lost Kiev, increasingly -felt- under American influence and NATO, Kiev lost the opportunity to play the role of pars inter partes such as Turkey has built onto the east.The history repeating, so it happens exactly what we have already seen with the formation and development of the Islamic State in Iraq: mercenaries, both Russian and American, criminals and soldiers engaged in supporting the onset or to contain it. We still have in mind the green man (for those who recalled the images coming from) without badges of identification but evidently soldiers in support of separatists flanked by youth recruited from the labor force of the mines of the Donbass by the minig oligarchies.The region is rich in coal that is mined legally and illegally but in any case with the old Soviet technology that it is still at work. The only source of income in the Donbass is the work in the mines both legal or illegal depending on your fortune. Contemporary wars are certainly no more as before but simply aimed at destabilization. For each State, in foreign policy rather than gain positions is crucial not to lose them but, even more important is the weakening of anyone is a threat; it is no coincidence if Europe, yet not accomplished under the point of view of foreign policy, is the only entity having not a clear line of action. All powers, large, medium or small, have an international policy while European countries jointly and individually have no strength.
Energy and territories count much more than the gold reserves but even more has value. It 'a simple game: who is worth betting?

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