venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

Crime and terrorism: the dirty entanglement.

The evolution of investigations about the Paris attacks confirm that it is not at all an act of war direct to the West (war that is already going on for decades now), but the action of a new model of jihadists fighters the latest generation born perhaps even unconsciously, from the theory of Abu-Musab al-Suri who has promoted the concept of resistance without leadership; a kind of liquid terrorism based on jihadist resourcefulness tactic of individuals or small groups of fighters as in the case of the Paris’ attack. Waned experience jihadist conducted personally by Osama Bin Laden has gone to fight in franchising under the brand -al-Qaeda to arrive at this further and more dangerous evolution.
The devastating danger of this kind of terrorism comes from the ease of preparation and execution as the case of the brothers Kouachi and Coulibali shows for which the structures of prevention are not prepared so far.
First of all should be resized and better evaluated  the professionalism of its military preparedness the Paris perpetrator as the only living in Yemen seems to have extended for only three days: not so much time preparation for a military type. It is also hard to believe that an attack planned and prepared for a long time may have been entrusted to subjects who loved show up on social networks armed with clear warlike intentions; finally the weapons to the two massacres were purchased on the black market by one of the brothers Kouachi thanks to its friendships acquired by virtue of his criminal past and were paid with money from a bank loan of about EUR 20,000.
So the whole thing has yet to be analyzed with professionalism.
Instead, certainly much more interesting is the role of organized crime in helping the organization of these massacres and in general any terrorist activity.
For years now has been confirmed the role that organized crime and corruption play in making possible terrorist individuals, and more generally the creation and strengthening of the phenomena of onset. The majority of the terrorist acts of recent years and the most violent had the direct or indirect complicity of organized crime: even the September 2001 attacks in America have not escaped this logic as Muhammed Atta, the alleged organizer, for finance, said of 'German intelligence, smuggled antiquities from the Middle East.

The future challenge in the approach to the phenomena of terrorism and onset passes through the understanding of the relationship between crime, corruption and terrorism. And, especially in Italy, in this area we have a long way behind.

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