mercoledì 19 novembre 2014

La Nueva Alianza de la Paz y Gulf Cartel Zetas

One thing is the state, another the nation, and yet another people. Today what is happening in Mexico expresses better than any sociological study the different levels of "consciousness" as the  intimate feel both individual or collective.
At the end of September 43 boys, students in a rural community in the Mexican state of Guerrero, disappeared after being "kidnapped" in the town of Iguala by local police forces. The federal authorities have identified the town's mayor and his wife as the instigators of the kidnapping and subsequent murder of the boys because allegedly belonging to a rival criminal faction of that to which the two belong.
In itself this may seem hyperbolic to the point of not being credible, but this is Mexico of the last thirty years. Since about a month, broke out multiple protests across the country despite the assurances given by the federal government which has since taken steps to arrest the persons identified as directly responsible.
In fact, if the conscience of the state can be satisfied by the mere exercise of jurisdiction, so it cannot be said for that of a nation and  people
The Mexicans as a nation are subjected for decades to the depletion of the values of civil life due to non-exercise of state sovereignty in most of the territory. Alternating governments, strategies, tactics, have not reached the threshold of decency. If the collective consciousness as a nation is not satisfied even less is that of the people who now seems to rebel against this state of affairs. This news must have been perceived as a threat even by criminal organizations which always sniff, as real predators do, environmental changes and adapt to them. For a couple of days the leaders of two cells of the notorious cartels narcos of Los Zetas and the Gulf, fierce enemies, with a notice via the Internet, said it would establish a truce called La Nueva Alianza de la Paz y Gulf Cartel Zetas renouncing to kidnaps and extortion, the criminal activities that most affect the lives of everyday Mexicans.

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