lunedì 10 novembre 2014

I greet my entry in the Platform of Experts on the phenomena of organized crime run by Europol

The contemporary world is suffering from a very interesting paradox because it seems so small when we consider the relatively simple way to achieve any destination all around it, while there is so much to understand about its dynamics if we think on a global scale considering the fact that what happens elsewhere always generates effects in our closer space. And that is why we are forced to change our attitude to acquiring a multi-disciplinary thinking.
The multidisciplinary is not the ability to know as much as possible in different fields of study but interacting in order to share the different specific knowledge in order to build a "Strong Thought".
It is in this context that Europol, the European Police Agency tasked with fighting crime in Europe, has launched a project to analyze, study and sharing research expertise to the world of open practitioners and academic, namely Europol Platform of Experts.
With pleasure I greet my entry in this international forum of experts to whom I am honored to be became a member.

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