martedì 28 ottobre 2014

Welcome back old mafia!

Background noise, institutional redundancy, aseptic media information and anti mafia professionals act as a smokescreen and asphyxiating gases harmful and toxic for understanding the evolutionary processes of the mafias in Italy. In this bleak picture, the best thing to do, as when at school we had problem to solve equation, better to start from the very simple and clear steps.
What happens to the Sicilian Mafia is a theme; what is doing The Cosa Nostra, the Corleonesi, who set the agenda of the criminal in Sicily, and far beyond, for over thirty years is another story.
These monolithic organization as indisputable no longer exist; today is something different and its management structure is engaged with issues away from the “streets” being interested in preserving the assets accumulated in the golden years through a strategy that seeks points of mediation in the balance and relationships in an unmentionable game that has to board the courtrooms in which take place during this time dozens of trials in The Cosa Nostra.
On the street, in the neighborhoods of Palermo, in the old districts, in the villages of western Sicily the Mafia is changing. In the past I have talked about the mafia 0.0 and the role played by the boss in prison because of ranks, respect and consideration that they have gained through years of crime in dictating the strategies by projecting their own will continuing to manage their illegal business. This is a common occurrence at any latitude and type of criminal organization and must be fixed in mind in due consideration for understanding the evolution of global organized crime.
To give a practical example let's talk about what happens in the criminal environment of the Mafia notorious neighborhood of Brancaccio in Palermo.
Recently, Antonino Zarcone member of the Bagheria’s family, is  cooperating with prosecutors in Palermo, unveiling the strategies and above all the antagonisms within the family; one speaks about a kind of soft line by a faction against a hard line supported by another with consequent fibrillation.
I think there is no need to highlight the fact that the gangs, just as in any corporation, choose strategies resulting change in corporate structure of the board and the CEO, because of the hope of gain.
The repentant argues that "soft line" of Cesare Lupo has create an upheaval in the triumvirate Sacco, Lupo and Faraone who held the family under the orders by Giuseppe Arduino. A charge that has withstood already being examined by the trial judges who sentenced Sacco to sixteen years in prison.
A Risky operation because it requires the annexation of the village of Villabate going to war in particular with "Lo Nigro family of Corso dei Mille" in Palermo. By who Sacco could have received the approval to change the balance and the geographical boundaries of the districts is not yet clear but probably the Graviano family is still able to dictate the strategies of the mafia in Palermo.
This example leads me to define how the current situation is comparable to the historical phase of the Sicilian Mafia in the early years of the twentieth century when the organization, suffering the aftermath of its historical evolution in the Italy’s post-unification period, had not  dedicated to the lucrative business that will arose a little later thanks to the two world wars in the entire country.
In Italy today due to the economic decline the Mafia does not have significant revenue opportunities, certainly not comparable to those of the past, cigarettes, drugs and contracts.
It returns to commit those crimes that directly affect the lives of the ordinary people and first and foremost the request of the Pizzo through which the Mafia began his criminal history.
The Pizzo is the first means by which the Sicilian Mafia, the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta and the Campanian Camorra have conquered the territory and with time the political friendships and support trough corruption.   
In recent years in Sicily and Campanian in particular, the political friendships have come declining for a number of reasons including the emerging national economic crisis and therefore lower flows of public money on which to put hands together with a general political situation much smoother that does not allow positioning inn such a way to ensure guarantees of sorts in perspective and therefore does not ensure any investments.
Many are waiting to see an economic recovery that we all hope meanwhile maintaining a low  profile the mafias are reconstructing the relational networks starting from the control of the territory in the security that in the future they will be able to go back to rely on usual political and financial friends.
Welcome back old mafia!

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