giovedì 17 luglio 2014

II part - Russian Mafia does not exist, not in Italy at least.

I am approaching today, with this piece, the evolution of the historic Georgian crime in Italy.
As mentioned in the previous piece on 11 July, Georgian organized crime it cannot be regarded as an element of novelty, in the national crime scenery, and repeatedly ​​cleared by the police, the judiciary and information in general, the dynamics and the characteristics of this kind of criminality.
Definitely a reliable picture of this phenomenon comes from the analysis of the research results obtained by the various police forces, and already passed the scrutiny of the judgment of the judiciary. Over the past few years have been brought to fruition some investigative activities of particular relevance in Lazio, Piedmont and Lombardy, though minor activities were carried out in general in all the regions of the center-north.
Here's a summary:
GOLD RIVER: 2010, in Piedmont, in the province of Novara, were arrested about twenty Georgian citizens gathered in operational cells - identified as offshoots of structured mafia groups rooted in the country of origin and capable of acting in several other Italian cities such as: Milan, Venice, Florence, Perugia. Rome, Naples and Bari, devoted mainly to the commission of burglary and villas;
SAN GIORGIO: 2012, in the capital, were arrested a total of one hundred Georgians devoted mainly to the commission of burglary and villas;
LOCUST: 2013, starting with a robbery perpetrated in Frascati, 19 Georgians were arrested, after collecting gold and other precious metals through burglary in Rome and throughout the province, had turned to a fence Roman to monetize the stolen goods ;
ODESSA: 2013, in the regional capital of Lombardy, were brought to justice in a number of police raids thirty Georgians suspected of the crime of criminal association aimed at committing aggravated burglary and receiving stolen property, possession of keys altered and unjustified and picks possession of false documents, recovering stolen goods at the same time of considerable value;

KURA: 2014, in the course of this month, again starting from the Piedmont, was discovered the operation of another Georgian criminal dedicated team - as usual - to the commission of burglary and always in the regions of north-central Italy, which has allowed the arrest of 44 Georgians.
At this point, a common factor, should be highlighted about the following peculiarities detectable by the analysis of these, but also of those minor not reported:
-    exclusive commission of burglary, therefore low risk and a high index of sanctions in the face of economic viability;
-    use of the technical input of key bumping that allows the opening of the doors of the houses without leaving signs of forced entry, and with rudimentary tools manufactured in its sophisticated that purchased abroad and in particular in Ukraine;
-   subsequent sale of stolen goods at stores to buy gold   and subsequent transfer it abroad;
-    collection of illicit proceeds in a mutual fund that is denominated in Russian общак the common fund of the criminal organization.
Pushing it even further the analysis of the modus operandi of these - simple - criminal structures led us to identify some of their main organizational features from the forensic point of view, highlighting:
-    that the policies and administrative containment of illegal immigration are easily circumvented through the use of false documents forged or altered;
- the willingness to create inter-ethnic collaborations for the implementation of criminals projects;
-    the ability to reproduce craft keys and picks suitable to open any type of lock;
-    the territorial fragmentation in cells operating in contact with each other;
-    the stable relationships with caregivers to find objective to hit;
-    the use of cars and sim-card phone registered in the name of nominees;
-    the recourse for  international contacts to the Skype network;
-    a brief stay in the city where they carry out delinquent activities;
-    the use of false identity documents.
It appears evident that in terms of knowledge of this phenomenon that it is - in substance - of elementary type.
However, what actually is worthy of get further attention and concerns is the international nature in virtue of which these criminals cells have a network of protection, afforded by membership in criminal clans that provide higher level of assistance against other international criminal organizations.
This is the aspect that I will discuss in the next piece limiting myself to describe and analyze the situation in Europe and the relationship it has with the Georgian organizations against the backdrop of Russian crime trends.

The next piece 07/21/2014

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