lunedì 23 giugno 2014

The very first step to fight the mafia organized crime mafia network

During this period,  I am focused on writing my next book which has its core on the mafia-model in terms of the historical and criminological evolution to make it clear that it is a serious problem, but the more dangerous one - which I consider the Mafia-System-Model – based on the convergence of interest of different actors: organized crime association, economic and political criminal lobbies.

Obviously, the question opens the door to the next level of discussion that is based on the question of why these criminal phenomena, some in particular, are so long-lived and rooted in some cultures and areas.
In dealing with this research both diachronic and synchronous, and in order to give it a value of actuality, there are so many elements that are gradually emerging; today I want to address the issue of counterfeit goods, piracy and infringement of copyright.
One of the first things to consider, and that is the first step for the vast majority of criminal networks, is their ability to smuggling goods. Circumventing the laws of a state, which regulates the movement of goods according to the prerogative for the benefit of the community - through the imposition of excise and taxation - crime provides products to a market created by all of us, both original and counterfeit obvious in order to derive an economic benefit.
It is defined a crime - without victims - for obvious logical reason, that the beneficiary and recipient of illicit services is the one who actually generates the entire supply chain ridge for these products tends to satisfy its own needs. Among these needs, for the most part of a questionable hedonistic nature, are drugs, tobacco products, since no very long time so far the counterfeit goods.
The office of the O. N.U. for the fight against drugs and organized crime in general UNODC that has, among others, the task of monitoring global criminal acts in their expression also transnational, has recently published a summary report, but certainly effective, on the subject of illegal market in counterfeit goods:

When, often and in various forums, I am asked the question about the effectiveness of contrast tools, almost always referring to a purely investigative activity, or otherwise pertaining to the criminal law, I argue that - in my opinion – the one that has a concrete and immediate effectiveness is the practical information and awareness aimed at encouraging reflection on how and why, and it is our case, some trivial behaviors such as the purchase of any item counterfeit has an important impact in positive trade balance of the mafia networks.
The report, which I am talking about, provides economic data of this activity, whose estimates rounding by default in $ 250 billion, the volume of business, criminal organizations involved in thousands and millions individuals around the world, exploited for the production of these items. The pirate compact discs, t-shirt or signed bags, feed the gangs that subsequently make a profit this capital investing them in other criminal activities, generating a downward spiral that we feed with our contribution often involuntary.
If we become aware of this short and perverse circuit we would certainly fought our little war against crime. Of course it will also be unexciting, but certainly incredibly effective.

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