martedì 24 giugno 2014

Is it time to the mafia’s Apocalypse?

This is name that the Italian authorities gave to the latest operation to tackle the new mafia groups operating in Palermo.
Among the Italian words best known in the world, mafia is without no doubt the most note and at the same time infamous. Among Italy’s best known achievements, being the country of origin of the mafias is certainly the most inglorious. But giving that it is at the same time true that Italy has the primacy in literary and scientific production on mafias at large.
Yesterday in Palermo 91 mafia bosses have been arrested and charged with mafia-type-association provided by Article 416/bis of the Italian Criminal Code which at the paragraph 3 of the provision defines the mafia method and the goals of the mafia in this way: “…an association is of mafia-type when its members exploit the potential for intimidation which their membership gives them, and the consequent subjection and omertà to commit offences, or to assume, directly or indirectly, the management or control of financial activities, concessions, permissions, enterprises and public services, or for the purpose of deriving profit or wrongful advantages for themselves or others, or to hamper or to prevent during public elections the free exercise of the right to vote or to obtain votes for themselves…”.
This new important police operation shows one more time how the mafia families in Palermo are striving to overcome the bad situation they are facing since the collapse of the old status quo that ended with the debacle of the Corleonesi in the Nineties. Nowadays the situation is very fluid and the organization chart continuously evolving. Apart from this clear sign of weakness, it is noticeable that without the protection of a - circle of contacts –, which I named in my ongoing studies: “The Mafia System”, in the politician and economic word “La Mafia” can be easily defeated with the common investigative tools at disposal.
In my point of view, this is important to underline because it is the consciousness of this evidence that, at the same time, make it clear the responsibilities of all actors called for tackle the organized crime in Italy. Having concealed this perverse relation between mafia-politician-entrepreneurs, has make the mafia very resilient.
The latest operation in Palermo has hit two historical families operating on the areas of Palermo “mandamenti” of Resuttana e San Lorenzo. Among the convicted there is the brother of the Salvatore RIINA’s driver
Salvatore Biondino, Girolamo, who had recently been released from prison and returned to command the clan. Trying not to end up back in jail, he acted as a normal "retired", he walked on the bus and had not been seen around with other men of honor.
In a world where the uomini d’onore still nowadays greet each other with a kiss on the lips, is it possible to listen a men of honor as Gregorio Palazzotto say, talking with an associate: "…we are a hundred years that are mafiosi, the uncle of my father, Paolo Palazzotto, killed the first policeman in Palermo: Joe Petrosino, on behalf of capo mafia don Vito Cascio Ferro…" 
This is la Cosa Nostra Siciliana in 2014; to be continued.

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