giovedì 12 dicembre 2013

National Drug Threat Assessment 2013. United States Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration.

Once, when the good housewife went to the market to shopping had clear the ideas about what she could find and buy. This due to the fact that any market before the upheavals of genetically modified food production and the globalized flows of goods, offered certain products at specific times of the year.
The market for drugs no, it does not work in that way, the drug search his client, it seduces him and offers itself at any time, it changes itself and becomes more captivating and always different to give new sensations. And then, strange phenomena occur that would escape the most if the actors involved in the study of these events do not dedicate themselves also to gather information and construct reports, such as that here we treat useful for the understanding of what is happening around us. 
The U.S. Department of Justice, and in particular the DEA, which deals with the fight against drugs for the states in the world, has just made available on line a summary that indicates the evolutionary lines of drug use in America.
First we say that the cocaine in the states as found in the past, is no longer the drug more attractive, the reasons are varied and range from the effects of contrast to the struggle between the various criminal organizations that affect the supply chain at the lowest appeal on the consumer that I consider to be the real reason for the decrease in usage. On the contrary, and this is very interesting, there was a considerable increase in the use of heroin and marijuana. People seem not to want to be a prey to delusions of omnipotence but prefers to indulge in metaphysical experiences that recall the seventies in which alienation from reality was also the basis of cultural movements of great importance. I do not want to be misunderstood and then I explain that perhaps we are in the presence of a social phenomenon of some interest since the Americans, that for us Westerners have always been a vanguard in all fields, seem to abandon the hedonism of Reagan favoring Obama’s utopia. Obviously this is my personal key to understand a phenomenon sure crystallized from algebraic data contained in the report of the DEA, but I seriously think it's worth thinking about. From the perspective of criminology more prosaically, the increase in the demand for heroin and marijuana was promptly met by an increased production both inside to the U.S., especially of giovanna, and especially from the increase of the cultivation of opium and marijuana in Mexico, with the incredible rise of the active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, also 37 /%. Obviously, the Mexican organizations dedicating themselves to this new business have reduced the commitment in the supply chain of cocaine from Colombia, Bolivia and Peru, determining the a physiological decline of production especially in the first. A corollary of this change in the tastes of the American consumer of drugs is the increase of synthetic drugs, always produced in Mexico that have the same effects of opioids such as K2 and Spice consumed by millions of Americans. 

The reading of these reports is never a waste of time, after cold mathematical statistics, there is an exercise extremely useful from the point of view of sociological and criminological, as far as my direct responsibility, in order to understand and evaluate the usually thin and elusive dynamics that the change in question generates reverberating on the activities of criminal organizations.
To think of it today the same thing happens also for our housewife who has no clear benchmarks provided by the experience, given that today someone offers juicy fruits and vegetables regardless of the season.

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