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The DRONE: the weapon of war that will affect our lives in the near future

Do you think I’m exaggerating? Would you call it hyperbole? Perhaps a provocation? None of this, it is the simple reality.  First the term drone is derived from English which means and it is certainly onomatopoeic something that produces a buzzing, a background noise.
Briefly clarified this aspect, what attracts us is the reason of the increasingly massive use of this weapon of war in the most diverse strategic theaters, whether they are war zones or sensitive areas such as for exemple Waziristan in Pakistan.
Reported briefly that the history of drones comes from afar and has about a century behind us, we can identify two main stages in their latest war employment: the one marked by the foreign policy of the Bush dynasty and the republican administration, subsequently, the democratic administration of president Obama.
The final turning point in favor of their use of scale we find with the military use of drones during military operations in Iraq in 2005 with about 150 flights of unmanned aircrafts. From that point on, the drones will be part of the American military system and can become a key element coincidentally just with the administration of democrat and Nobel laureate for peace Barak Obama.
And yes, the funny and engaging President understood that he should not necessarily eliminate war itself but just change his face. And just so he did, Obama changed the way Americans think and will perceive the war in the future. It was able to do it thanks to the use of drones. Let me explain: after September 11, we all know how America was awakened from fifteen years of megalomania derived from the belief that he had beaten the Soviet enemy.
What was learned from this epic disaster both by the American analysts in the Pentagon, but also by the simple and rough Texan was: we can be hit even in our house at all times without knowing by whom.
Although it is true that the enemy was the mythologized Osama Bin Laden what is scarier is the Bin Laden idea of anti-Americanism. But then how to fight an enemy that no longer has a clear identity? Simple: we bring the war in all those places where this enemy can have harbor and so become justified the famous preventive action of wars at the time of republican administration; thousands of deaths, also Americans, civilians often prostrate, and in the end the international situation in fibrillation.
And now we have the drones and Obama. The drone depersonalized, is a prosthesis of the human being, no human being (except for those who run the remote from thousands of kilometers) is a perfect weapon that has in it many advantages: he notes, notice and is accurate, it is all fairly cheap and does not involve loss of life and their use enjoy domestic public opinion that no longer tolerates the two American soldiers killed abroad on average each day. So Obama can announce the withdrawal of troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq and order the mass production of drones changing the rules of engagement that fixed in a behavioral model called Disposition Matrix.
This model essentially provides a streamlined decision-making that has at its summit in the president, the ultimate decision maker, and a series of offices (in America today is going on a very thought debate about whether and how to reduce the influence of the CIA in favor of the Pentagon military) that predispose a Kill List indicating the various goals to hit. All fairly simple as in the Anglo-Saxon style: you make a model and then you just follow it; in that way what you get is the normalization of the war. However, one more thing needs to be clarified: once the first goals of the kill list were people placed on the first row of terrorist organizations now with Signature Strike, targets anyone can potentially be dangerous for American strategic interests, the confidence level has gone down. Notwithstanding that, however, would be important to consider what are the criteria then define a dangerous goal.
Summarizing, the Americans have changed the war of the future: no more battlefields but defined areas of interest in which to place protected military bases, with the consent of the host states, closed in on themselves without even without contact with local civilians, from which manage any emergency (thanks and with the help to a few on the field elite troops) drones to be used when deemed necessary. And so after China, the United States also is putting in place its policy of so-called Necklace of pearls. The Chinese seek control of the ports in other countries in order to protect their trade while the Americans build military bases where you can as outposts for the control of its strategic interests.
The drones as mentioned, but how I will better explain in the next post on this topic, have already started to change human behavior beginning from the repercussions of war as often happens in steps epoch of history.

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