mercoledì 4 settembre 2013


The expansion of the Michoacana Family and
the Caballeros Templaros
in California.

As it happened once for the national states, which had the vital need to gain more living space to give oxygen to their economies, even criminal organizations, which are also based on the same economic and trade principles and that basically are substantiated only in the growth of the commercial areas in which to operate, are always looking for markets to occupy.

And so it turns out that the Michoacana Family, from which were born, through a bloody split, were born the Caballeros Templarios (today’s dark version of the more famous ancient Templar Knights) today is re-bound with these, in order to conquer the attractive U.S. market, starting from the Californian cities of San Diego and Los Angeles, where to sell amphetamines whose the Caballeros Templarios are still the larger producer, in Mexico.
Obviously the two U.S. cities, taken together, constitute a market that already has its own “master”, the so-called Mexican mafia, which controls the various Latinas gangs operating directly on American territory, and it is therefore with this that everybody need to do business (negocio), which must necessarily be more favorable than that the Mexican mafia has already ongoing with the Federation of Sinaloa.
And here come the conflicts between criminal organizations, since no waiver, without a fight, portions of territory in which to sell tons of amphetamine. For their part, the Caballeros Templarios, which, as mentioned, are still the main producers of synthetic drugs, cannot slow down the production or accumulate unproductive stocks or even make end-of-season sales to avoid then decrease of the price.
American agents of the Drug Enforcement Agency, have recently discovered the the activity of a local organization acting within the framework of this agreement, highlighting the contours that reflect essentially the penetration of Caballeros Templarios and the Michoacana Family in San Diego and Los Angeles.
Beyond investigative results already acquired, American agents are looking for further evidence, aimed at identifying the relationship of those arrested with the leaders of the Mexican Caballeros Templarios, in particular with the leader Servando Gómez Martínez , aka "La Tuta".
This story shows how simple it is, in its dinamics, the evolution of a criminal organization: you have a product to sell and you have to find a market by any means.
It must be said, to be true that, without any scruple, that it’s going essentially in the same in the legal market, in which, often, the best ones are those that unlike the crime, that simply ignores it. 

Translation by Ernesto Cosentini

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