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 The Victims
The cost in human lives of the Mexican drug war

The drug war in Mexico, started in1989 as a conflict between large criminal aggregations, after the arrest of Miguel Angel Felic Gallado (who is credited with the foresight to entrust several different criminal teams as many areas of influence in Mexico, hushering this way the entrepreneurial management of the drug market in the country), it’s then transformed, with the start of the harsh policy to combat the narcos  initiated by President Calderon, after his election in 2006, as well as in a clash between rival organizations for the conquest of several plazas (markets), even a war against the state, which claimed an incredible number of victims, so that it can be considered cause of mass extermination.
This prompted the new Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, a sharp change of direction in the internal policy, no longer focused on the fight end in itself criminal organizations, but aimed to thwart the expansion of these criminal phenomena with a strong economic development of the country, which should lead, through a significant reduction of crime and the relative simultaneous increase of internal security, to  an improvement of living conditions of the population.
To understand the rawness of this war, conventionally started 11 December 2006 against Calderon Government's decision to begin a large operation against organized crime in the State of Michoácan, it’s necessary to remember that, at the end of the same year, had caused nearly 500 deaths among those belonging to the different criminal organizations involved in drug trafficking.
The Calderon’s Government, as mentioned above, in an effort to contain conflicts between criminal gangs in a physiological context, privileged the use of violence and, at the end of 2010, had been arrested, as deemed responsible for this crime, 121,199 individuals, mostly belonging to the Gulf cartel and Los Zetas, an offshoot of the first that has long reached its autonomy as a criminal organization.
Because of the drug war in Mexico, died, until today, about 90,000 people (unofficial sources estimate at least 150,000), with a dramatic increase of deaths between 2006 and 2011 (the years of Calderon's Presidency). Among the victims of this unprecedented carnage, however, should include not only those who were killed, but even those who have never been reported as missing, and finally all those who, from this war, have received a personal injury, whether primary or secondary.
The victimology requires us to make a distinction between victims of the drug war, subdividing them into active  victims, or aggressive victims, i.e. the narcos who die fighting among themselves and against the state, and passive victims, i.e. accidental, professional, symbolic or transverse victims.
Because in fact, in this war, do not die only fighters entered in the various criminal organizations, but also a high number of civilians, among whom are painfully counted, among others, thousands of women and children.
Among the other victims, should also be mentioned the thousands of migrants from the South of the American continent try to reach the wealth of the North, risking their lives in the long and insidious journey, often fatal, to reach the United States.
Finally, it’s seem important to mention hundreds of journalists killed or disappeared, allegedly responsible for promoting this or that organization to the detriment of competitors, inducing this way several newspapers to give up the freedom of the press, for fear of reprisals to their correspondents.
Another aspect about the victims of the war to achieve the control on the drug flows concerns the use of media, that criminals seek and obtain, exposing the bodies of the victims, often dismembered, decapitated, amputated limbs and reduced to human trunks, showing a total lack of compassion, compared to Christian sensibility.
At These latitudes still reverberate, anthropologically, ancestral experiences of the Incas and Mayans, who performed heinous sacrifices and destruction of the body of enemies won.

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