venerdì 9 agosto 2013

China adds Panama to its
pearl necklace


On July 16, the Panamanian government authorities have stopped the navigation of the North Korean cargo Chong Chon Gang, from Cuba, which, according to U.S. intelligence, would carry war material, in violation of specifici international protocols.
In fact, the on-board inspection verified that, hidden by tons of raw sugar, were kept several military weaponry components of Soviet origin aimed at North Korea.


The fact itself falls under normal dynamics of circumvention of embargoes of the International Community towards countries deemed guilty of repeated violations of international law, as well as an equally widespread system of illegal parallel market for buying and selling of military weapons.
What’s interesting to point out, starting with this episode, is the increasing importance that the Caribbean region has taken, but especially will take in the near future.
China is about to begin construction of as canal, in Nicaragua, alternative to the Panama Canal, that Chinese of the HK Canal Development would … of use for 50 years, renewable for another 50; in 2012 was founded the Pacific Alliance from Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile, with the aim of ensuring the free movement of goods, services, capital and people, encouraging the growth, development and competitiveness of member countries.
The seventh Summit of the Alliance, given the growing economic and political importance assumed by the latter, as present as observers: Costa Rica (having ratified a free trade agreement with Colombia will become a member of the block), Panama (candidate for membership), Spain, Canada, Guatemala, Uruguay, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Seven other countries have requested and obtained the observer status: Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Honduras, Paraguay, Portugal and Dominican Republic.

In addition, since the second half of 2012, have been carried out numerous and considerable seizures of cocaine both in Honduran ports that, for example, in Hong Kong, property and cargo handled by Mexican criminal organizations. Everything in the light of stabilizing demand in Western markets, suggests a next further change in the international scenario of cocaine trafficking, giving once again to the entire Caribbean area, and in particular to the Pacific coast of Colombia, Panama, Peru and Ecuador, a crucial role in material management of traffic routes to the growing and thriving Eastern market.

These didactic information are sufficient to prefigure a new development of the entire area and, consequently, an intensification of activities managed by main political, economic and criminal actors concerned in the control of trade flows passing through the transport network on these routes.

Chinese interest in the whole area of South America is determined by the need for supplies of energy resources and the simultaneous research to acquire port areas, already essential today, to determine the weight of this conutry’s strategic international importance.

It’s in this context, that must be read all Chinese attempts, regardless of latitude, to add a new pearl to their necklace.

translation by ernesto cosentini

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