mercoledì 31 luglio 2013



Trevino “Z-40” Morales, since 2008 leader of the criminal organization of Los Zetas, in hegemonic control of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the major criminal “plazas”, has been arrested near the border with the United States. As always happens in these cases, with a ritual that we Italians know well, You witness the carousel of declarations of victory and award of merit. Certainly this is an important fact in the fight against Mexican crime that marks a point in favor of the authorities, but that this should be considered and evaluated.
Definitely most interesting it’s, without doubts, the sharp change in political perspective concerning the new policy inaugurated by the President Pena Nieto since the inaugural speech last year that, breaking with the past, provides for Mexico a long-term strategy, thirty-year duration, based on the simple assumption that the country, with all the necessary requirements for a solid economic development, can solve the problem of internal security reaching a widespread wellness.
This change of strategy obviously has consequences in relations with United States, also affected by policy renewal, especially related to immigration. In fact, the Democratic administration of President Obama, already in 2009,  with the “Dream Act”, launched a strong signal, perhaps taking into account the specific weight of Hispanic electorate, intended to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants arrived very young in the United States, studying in college or training in the armed forces, studying in college or training in the Armed Forces, thus preventing that United States could lose young talents, which are then, ultimately, American citizens, anticipating essentially the immigration reform, commissioned by the second Obama administration, already approved by the Senate and awaiting the final approval by the Chamber of Deputies.
This reform, transversely supported by Democrats and Republicans, although with different instances, making the work of the Group of Eight (composed by four Democratic senators and four Republicans) the right combination of political osmosis, involves synthetically the regularization of about 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, facing the closure of the border, strongly requested by Republicans.
This change of perspective in the history of Mexican politics is particularly aimed at the resolution of the serious social problems that afflict the Mexico nowadays, which are the results of the old course of Mexican politics. In fact, as recently brought to attention by the “Soleterre” association, supported by the efforts of activists of various nationalities to denounce the violation of the rights of Central American migrants, it should not go unnoticed yet the ordeal to which dozens of migrants from poor and neglected areas of South and Central America are undergoing in hope of a less painful and sadly inevitable future that awaits them in the countries of origin.

Beyond the ordinary strategies of law enforcement against organized crime, which passes through the forms of judicial repression, marked by moments of satisfaction as in the case of the arrest of Trevino Morales, that paradoxically do not affect deeper into the fight against the organized crime because so far they had not the desired effects, as expected before, it seems at least a good sign the change of political approach to this tragic problem that plagues Mexico, but also, and perhaps above all, the entire sub tropical portion of the American continent.   

translate by Ernesto Cosentini

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