lunedì 22 aprile 2013

Pax-Mafiosa: tests in progress

It has been long time since we have argued that the only possible way out strategy to curb violence in Mexico turf-war for the control of unlawful drug traffiking plazas is to set an unsaid an agreement between the government and the most important padrinos leading the powerful Sinaloa and Zeta cartels first and after the other less “important”.
Mexican press recently reported that one of top leader of the Sinaloa’s Cartel Ismael Zambada Garcia a.k.a. EL MAYO ordered his sub-commanders working on Baja California State to make any effort to downgrade the level of violence in each respective area under control.
This data should be put in connection with other important clues: first the official data issued by the Ministry of Interior according to which there has been a significant drop in prosecution of drug traffiking crimes; second that the controversial chief security Julian Leyzaola has been transferred to a new post in Ciudad Juarez (promoveatur ut amoveatur?).
This kind of agreement does not have to be discussed and of course even issued; what does matter are what do you do from both sides.
If this process is on his way what have also to be aware of is that there is one more important issue to look at: the real capability of control by the top cartel’s leader of the lower level organizations.
Today the atomizations of some cartels all around Mexico could be a menace to the settle of the pax mafiosa.

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