lunedì 8 aprile 2013

History repeating. Colombian President asked army to get involved.

History repeating. In an attempt to regain consensus Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has launched a new plan to deal with the violence of criminal gangs in Colombia.
As a matter of fact that to achieve this goal is already on his way a  negotiation with the FARC to establish a truce in order to regain control of some important rural areas.
Concerned about its popularity and well aware of the importance of public opinion Manuel Santos has launched a plan that gives greater powers to the army emergency that may conflict with military approach also criminal gangs and not just the left-wing insurgency in rural areas .
As we know an identical initiative was also on the basis of the fight against Mexican drug traffickers adopted by the former Mexican president that ended in an intensification of armed clashes between the various cartels  with the exponential increase of the dead in the street. Even recently, Human Rights Watch in Mexico has highlighted the doubt about the respect of human rights by the army itself.
It is very clear-once again-that there is no vision and no clear approach focused on preventive removal of the cause of the problem that is the key role of the Andean countries in the production of coca paste. The corollary of this state of things will be the predictable truce between the organized crime organizations and the state at the expense of state sovereignty.                                                                                                                                                                               

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