giovedì 4 aprile 2013

Eurasian criminality a new course.

I have had the opportunity to read an article of Professor Mark Galeotti about the future of Russian speaking gangs operating in Czech Republic. This chance offers me the occasion to point out some aspects on this matter.
First the use of Eurasian Organized Crime instead of other nowadays out of time because it is finally clear to all the actors involved that it is the logical one which is valuable for all the different ethnicity with specific cultural, historical and geographical background operating outside the internal borders.
The second point is the locution vor v zakone , as Russian not native speaker I am used in Italian to translate as ladro nella legge theft on the law knowing that when it was coined it refers to a very different meaning not more suitable today.
What we can say is that like in all the criminal worlds exists different levels of responsibility inside every criminal association so when we talk about Eurasian Organized crime we have to keep in mind that exist top level criminals and low level authorities. So no matter of  the epithet vor v zakone what matter is the real criminal  consistency that is not more expressed in a locution.
Last evidence is the role of Eurasian organized crime network in Italy that has never represented a serious threat for the public order. This means that nevertheless their presence they are still involved in low level crime and in a negligible number. It is worth to add that the most active are Moldovan Ukrainian and recently Georgian. The last one however is the most dangerous and in rapid growth.

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