mercoledì 3 aprile 2013

A New Narcoreality.

So far I have discussed the turf-war involving the cartels operating in Mexico, the origins and the effects this war produces on the Mexican society. The time has come to say that a new reality finally emerged clear, in fact the cartels have become fragmented but structured, in good health and involved in many different  crimes such as kidnapping, extortion, human smuggling, cargo theft and stealing oil from Mexico’s state-run oil company meaning that they are beyond any doubt in control of the territories of reference. All above means that the criminal insurgency is a character not negligible of these form of organized crime in Mexico. The question is how the State will react, if it will, to this evidence? Undermining it, face it military or striking a deal? 
I am sure the state will sing a non explicit deal with the cartels clearly become a mafia-type organization and then capable to face any sort of state's effort to curb its influence on the ground.   

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