sabato 23 marzo 2013

The new Mexican self-defense vigilantes

We are accustomed to quietly turn to Police even when we only perceive a threat to us or our families and friends. Nothing could be more obvious to our social community, in Latin America it certainly is not so.
In Mexico instead causing others serious problems for the safety of persons are proliferating with alarming rapidity vigilante self-defence groups claiming the right to defend their communities. The situation then, to date, is that in the ground are acting the State local police and the armed forces formally in charge of the fight against drug traffickers, the drugs cartels with their own criminal armed forces and the last arrived, these new avengers . To complicate the scenario of security for the common man is the corruption that plagues all state forces become unreliable and so justifying the spontaneous emergence of these organizations to self-defense that are also becoming corrupted by the cartels.
The only objective fact is that in Mexico, but it can be argued in much of Latin America, the States do not exercise sovereign power assuring the safety of their communities paving the way for these forms of organized crime the very true holders of the power to control the territory.

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