martedì 26 marzo 2013

Mexico and his future with mafya type organization and growing middle class

According to Latinobarometro over 40% of mexican citizens say they or their family has experienced a crime last year. Is it not possible for a growing economic democracy to afford such a level of criminal in his territory. 
Today Mexico is an economy on the move towards the future with great expectations thanking the still ongoing process of modernization of his internal structure. The economy once based on the strict control of the ruling party the Institutional Revolutionary Party focused on maintaining an inward-looking and oil-dominated economy since a decade has changed to benefit a more open minded economy policies that have triggered the manufacturing sector the exportations and also a growing new middle class. The major market of destination is the U.S. strictly connected south with Mexico. The President Obama has also promised a new legislation on immigration but he will face a strong anti-immigrant wing within the Republican Party and a not so good economic recovery.
What is for sure is that both sides are more focused on curb the violence on the mexican cities than eradicate the drug traffiking as promised in the past. So one more time in one more country the State has surrendered to the Organized Crime. 

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