mercoledì 27 marzo 2013

Europol Serious Organized Crime Threat Assessment report

The European Union Agency Europol has recently issued its annual based Report on Serious Organized Crime Threat having the goal of pave the way for European political authorities to approach on a better way the threat posed by organized crime.
What is of value to point out about this assessment is that some of disarming evidence from long time has been finally certificate i.e. the fact that the ongoing economic crisis are shaping (the most important effects are already crystallized) in a new way the Serious Organized Crime groups. They are become more flexible more, multinational in their members, operating in a network-style basis, poly-crime oriented on an entrepreneurial approach exploiting new crime enablers such as transportation, diaspora communities, logistical hotspot, legal business structures and new information and communication technologies.      
So better late than never of course but it is not sufficient to fight this kind of menace that pose a daily threat both for ordinary people and the prerogatives of the States.   

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