venerdì 29 marzo 2013

El Salvador: a truce between Organized crime groups and state’s authorities is it a necessary evil?

As we are aware about, in many countries all around the world the Mafia-type criminal organizations are in very good health at the point that  are capable to influence directly the government’s  policies.
This situation sometime is not solved quietly with common satisfaction for both the actors involved. Often it happens that to seek money organized crime groups have to fight each other to establish power on a specific area. In this way usually starts the turf war that ended with a violence escalation to detriment of security of the social community.
To end this state of the art the government’s  authorities -quite always- seek with the OCG a dialogue to obtain the end of this uncomfortable and affordable situation for the populace.
And that is the point. Is it a necessary evil seek a truce with criminals? A politician will answer publicly No but privately Yes this is what happens normally as our experience suggest. But what we have to consider is the fact that the politician pass the damage for society not at all. Ones this kind of agreement is settled the OCG will take advantage of it for the time on and it will be very difficult for the government to came back.
One very little result can be achieved in the short term but with time the power of blackmail in the hand of OCG will for sure erode the fundament of pacific  cohabitation.     

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