giovedì 8 dicembre 2011

The right things to do

Our country went from a sovereignty limited by the loss of the Second World War, and the resulting link within the NATO, which in practice sanctioned our dependence from the USA, now our loss of sovereignty is related to the enormous public debt. Yesterday it was the cause of historical and objectively linked to incorrect assessments of the individual, now it depends on the result of political decisions taken-knowingly-although they were clearly wrong, with the sole aim to please the voters, the friend or relative. In both cases no one knows why, and this is a fact, for what strange reason we can not see into the future and do the right thing.

Criminalità e privacy

Criminalità e privacy: operazione INCOGNITO. I Carabinieri di Verbania hanno arrestato una decina di persone dedite al furto e impiego fra...