lunedì 22 agosto 2011

Hypocrisy, reason and common sense.

Hypocrisy, reason and common sense.
A recent interview released by Hon Paolo Bartolozzi to the Christian Movement of Workers, and published on this website, gives me the opportunity to deal again with the migratory movements, a subject that really matters to me. During last years of my work fighting organized crime (specifically mafia-type ones) I often dealt with this emergency, primarely a humanitarian issue.
History, even in the European continent, is made by both acceptance and xenophobia and it has seen, in every age, immigration waves generated by economic, military, social and political needing, opening, at the same time, the debate on the eventual effect produced on the host society.
Those debates all about usual questions and same fears, often produced the same mistakes because we forget that mostly of human history is a mixtures of cultures caused by migratory movements, painfull or not, and that is in this way that cultures stratify rising new forms of civilization.
Speaking about immigration, the anger is the first feeling that come out strongly and it is strictly connected to the hypocrisy around this subject. Policies, in order to contain, produce slaughter of migrants and illegal work (this last one widely used all over the country despite tax and labor laws) and every kind of crimes in most of our towns. Young girls, mostly non European provenience, sell their dignity even in downtown areas to a price controlled by demand.
All of those things happen in our daily life and under the sun, everyone of us have to deal with them in their own way and according to convenience and consciousness. Poetry that illuminates the high points in the better and more effectively than any reasoning, helps us through the words of Fabrizio de André: “… it is known that people give good advices, if they can not give bad examples …” this is what almost always happens in facing immigration issues.
The second reflection that takes me about the Reason that may be used to take migration as an  opportunity for economic growth and by which we analyze from a different point of view the immigration issue. Italy is an aging country, and our workforces had already shrunk. Young people are making the fortune of continental areas projected towards a future of hope, while the entire West languishes in a situation of constant demographic decline which, combined with a likely and scaring economic stagflation phase, determines the current downturn just when the Chinese authorities review the one-child policy that has enabled the extraordinary development in recent decades, hoping to continue to rely on the human factor to generate future development.
Reception and integration here is the terms that the Reason would lead to use in dealing with immigration. Reception and integration are processes that involve mediation between opposites, not always mutually exclusive but certainly different. Mediation between diversity implies knowledge and acceptance of each other’s specificity, never in favor of the cancellation of one otherwise we should use different conceptual categories to describe different processes, to integrate it is necessary to deeply know yourself rising the awareness of own characteristics. Mediation and integration among diversities, as stated in high-sounding declarations, and related international policies, of supranational organizations born out of the great tragedies of world wars and summarized in the phrase: unity in diversity. Beyond this approach comes in, weary and now outside of the dynamics of world development in the field of small and often petty, partisan interest, political, economic and cultural.
Once again to direct my thoughts I can not find any other light than that of common sense guide, the New World that is being modeled and then something will be different but we should change the building in relation to it.
The Italian news shows us clearly that we must restructure our systemic approach in dealing with the new international game and, as every good player, it must be done starting on the cards you have. We know the cards we have and they must become again our strength, we must return to an international game that can not see us on the edge in his own interest. The systems approach is a concept at the edge of abstraction but can be shaped and you can do it by  responding not only to partisans needing but following the North Star of common sense. 

Thanks to Marianna Rapisarda for translation.

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