venerdì 22 luglio 2011

The new paradigm of national security.

The new paradigm of national security.
Antonio De Bonis
The end of bipolar confrontation and its blocks, represented a break in the dynamics of international relations that has progressively and quickly toward a growing importance of economic issues than political and military. It is generated, therefore, a dynamic flows, economic, and migration information that succinctly define globalization. The effect of these new trends is the need for governments, especially those of more developed countries, to compete mainly on the ground is no longer war but rather on the economic and financial. It follows that the political weight, present and future, depend on each government's financial-economic potential estimated from international markets and the ability to enhance and protect their assets. Geopolitical and geo-strategy must necessarily accompany a new discipline to the geo-economics, ie the projection of international economic and political realities of the different entities and private. These two entities, it appears, must work together to build what may be called the national economy projected in the international arena. Now, the better this system will be able to work virtuously, the more the country will interact on an international level by taking a strong position and unique in all the different negotiating tables or contract. The passing of the old geopolitical dynamics through awareness of the role that today has taken on the information as the sum of individual parts of knowledge. This knowledge can, and often must be kept confidential or in many cases, sensitive, secret. Think of the different implications that the information may have in the economy in terms of research, study, protection of patents and trade secrets. No entity unless the state can better coordinate the different policies to protect their economic interests, of course correlated with those of the respective private sector. And 'in this context that we need to develop the synergistic action of public and private sectors in order to be able to compete better internationally. Competing means not only produce but also protect their wealth and their strategic assets from attack. For this purpose, called the economic intelligence that in some countries, first in France, has now assumed a priority.
Given that the political clout of an international state, now more than ever, is measured with reference to its economic capacity, it is equally clear that the natural place of confrontations and clashes will be the financial and capital markets. On these markets, public and private actors are already engaged in an undeclared war daily, not to a hypothetical enemy, but against potential competitors. This objective requires each country to make more systematic, unified and coherent, to deal with the global market and all the actors who act in it.
As an example, we recall that in France, earlier this year, is an international affair come to light concerning a case of industrial espionage against Renault. Some officials of the manufacturer is found to have provided secret information to unknown buyers. Renault's management preferred to turn to, to investigate the matter, a private company that actually seems to have ended up complicating the whole issue of using illegal means to conduct its activities, becoming among the 'other, discover. Now if we can assume that this choice was dictated by the intention not to bring to the attention of the state apparatus to the security hole created at Renault, we must also imagine that an immediate intervention in the national interest, given the economic importance actor involved, the intelligence apparatus would lead to a very different outcome.
All of these considerations, albeit in a summary display space for debt and the need for brevity, lead and require an awareness of seeking the opening of a discussion on national security.
Our country has the absolute and urgent need to find themselves united in sharing the principles and values ​​that shape our national identity carve what I believe are the essential concept and tool to be able to consciously direct the current globalized world.
Contemporary history places us in our moment of undeniable difficulties, the face the imperative to start walking by themselves. Closed was the pole and finished-the-American protectorate for which Italy has lost the appeal it is time to strategically grow and face the world we happen to like a guy who goes from adolescence to deal with maturity.
Our country is able to walk on this road: yes, no and if so, do you want? The challenge is great and the time is not the best but seeing that this challenge will determine the greatness of a nation can not, (we must not and we do not want) to do nothing and pretend to limit ourselves to small quarrels of the yard, while others urge us to margins of history.

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