lunedì 20 giugno 2011

The failure in the fight against drug trafficking

This age is strongly characterized by the movements of unstoppable flow of goods and services at times unpredictable and unmanageable with the proven tools in which actors such as NGOs or economic lobbies, religious and political have become a highly important role. This evolution is also modifying the organized crime and creating new forms and types of deviance such as transnational in addition to international and ethnic diversity. The traffic is trans-national criminal par excellence is that of drugs, which, since the seventies, has been identified as a social evil to the point that, for example in America, the Nixon administration, in 1971, said: "... drug abuse has assumed the proportions of a national emergency ... ". Today, after many years of discussions at all levels, policy enforcement, the public and private initiatives, the investigative efforts, there is no valid goal achieved. Just this month, the Global Commission on Drug Policy, an organization operating under the umbrella of the United Nations, presented its annual report saying, in the opening, that: "... the global war on drugs has failed, with important consequences for devastating individuals and societies around the world ... "the global war on drug use is a total failure that has devastating effects on individuals and companies around the world. A demonstration of how ineffective the policies adopted so far contrast, today we highlight the role that the Mexican cartels have taken the drug traffickers. In the 80 Americans in an attempt to reduce the drug trade in their territory, they decided to dismantle both the Caribbean route traffic that the Colombian cartels of Cali and Medellin drug traffickers using, once again, the military option. The result was only a short-term and tactical in nature because, as the drugs of any market economy, new entrepreneurs have emerged immediately ready to do business. The decision of the U.S. administration had only had the effect of producing a physiological adaptation of the strategies of drug traffickers, with a simple and consequential movement of flows on the route from Latin America, an area of ​​increased production of cocaine, came to the U.S. markets and European consumption, through Mexico, which took on the role as a hub for sorting the enormous quantity of drugs ever in production. Today criminal organizations in Mexico are fighting not one but three wars: the state against the drug cartels, cartels between them and the citizens of the defensive war against organized crime in all its expressions. Organizations, Federated signs, direct control of portions of Mexican territory, the plazas, functional transit of drugs to target markets. This will form the hubs operated by a single criminal organization, more or less, able to ensure the functionality of an area, preparatory to the needs of criminals who are, in particular, the cities of the north to the border with the U.S. and port areas on the Pacific from the Gulf of Mexico. In Mexico, the current historical period is characterized by an uncertain economic situation, a huge flow of money generated by criminal activities, a strong internal conflict between the social, political, economic and criminal interacting in a democracy in crisis and then potentially susceptible to criminal infiltration. Since President Felipe Calderon of Mexico, in 2006, undertook his campaign against organized crime today, there are approximately 35,000 civilian casualties in the war on drugs falls under way in Mexico. And 'now and decisively to report clearly the case that the international traffic of drugs is a major economic resource not only for organized crime. Interests, as we mentioned, are enormous, for Mexico alone is estimated a turnover of about $ 5 billion annually, since around the economic product, resulting from the production of drugs in the world, rotate the interests of various governments and lobbies that have an interest in this chain does not stop.

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