lunedì 14 marzo 2011

Migration and the unrest in North Africa.

The recent social upheavals, which early this year involving North Africa, does not seem to have, at present, reflections on the activities of criminal organizations operating in those countries.
There has been the dreaded catastrophic increase in illegal migration flows towards Europe's borders, particularly Italians.
The Italian Interior Minister, in any event and as a precautionary measure, requested the assistance of the European Commission to deal with a possible increase in such flows. In this context, they were concerned the European agency Frontex for the evaluation scenario on illegal immigration, while Europol has been asked to provide a picture of the situation concerning the evolution of the underlying criminal activities and any impacts on the territories of 'Union. Both agencies cooperate with the Italian authorities on the ground directly under the operation called "Hermes."
The illegal migration flows are managed by organized crime obviously acting in different geographical areas affected by the specificity of each country.
Criminal organizations are also active in the Tunisian territory within the European Union managing illegal activities related to the exploitation of illegal immigration, human trafficking and drug trafficking; it is also composed of heterogeneous associations are Moroccans and Egyptians. Egypt in addition to being a country of origin and transit for illegal migration is a major hub for drug trafficking and foreign tobacco. The Egyptian criminal organizations are directly involved in management and organization of these illegal activities in connection with those operating in countries of destination physiologically thereby broadening its sphere of interest and at the same time becoming more criminal reputation internationally. Even in this country, political uncertainty, the less attention to the fight against organized crime by the Police, and the possible disruption of the impressive work in Port Said could be as many opportunities for criminal organizations such as, Port Said is of a particular value in relation to its strategic geographical position, being at the crossroads between Africa and Asia, at the mouth of the Suez Canal and from there to all routes to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea Maghreb criminal organizations, including Libyan , are also active in southern Italy by providing logistical and operational support to illegal immigrants on their arrival. For this purpose, are organized in cells that act in coordination with those working along the Algerian and Libyan coasts.
As regards the crime instead of Moroccan origin has long since extended its sphere of influence in working extensively throughout Europe, through the various criminal organizations, particularly drug trafficking.
Also in Morocco, as in Algeria and other countries of the Mediterranean basin of Africa, the specific political situation should not, however, reflected in the short, the activities of criminal organizations.
In all these countries, affected differently by the unrest in the streets, the Army and Police Forces have been used to deal with the demonstrations at the expense of border control services thus providing more opportunities for criminal groups involved in trafficking drugs and human beings, however, the state does not seem to have been able to turn to their advantage this situation of absolute uncertainty. It 'also possible that in this context, for the moment, worth the Sicilian adage "chinati junco ca passa la china " Bend it passes the full rush".

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