giovedì 3 marzo 2011

Libya and the no-fly zones.

For an update on the situation in Libya, we start with the following statement which clearly defines also the context: "... the arc of crisis in the south of the world has become - in North Africa and the Middle East - period of flow-happy ...". This definition of the head of the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italian Maurizio Massari, fully aware of the situation in the entire area south of the Mediterranean.
For its part, "... we will fight to the last man and woman ..." proclaimed yesterday the Libyan leader Gaddafi spoke to the delegates of the Libyan people, on the occasion of the anniversary of the proclamation of Jamahiriya 34/esimo (Republic of the masses).
The view of the Libyan leader is as clear as clear is the current impasse in the international community. The most interesting proposals, and discussed about the military aspect, with the formation of a no-fly zones, and character unamanitario for the containment of the masses of refugees that physiologically push the land borders with Egypt and Tunisia. Italy, for the latter, has in mind to establish, as specified by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs,''... very quickly ..''a field of assistance in Tunisian territory, the border Libya,''... to provide assistance, food and medical care ...'' the thousands of refugees massed along the border.
In relation to the military option at present the most debated hypothesis is to create a no fly zone, the Libyan conceal in order to prevent the use of aviation from the Rais of the masses against the secessionist opposition. In relation to this aspect, yesterday, the Minister of Defense GATES, speaking at the conference, held unequivocally that the creation of a no-fly zone would require a pre-emptive strike against Libya in fact it requires the destruction of the Libyan air defenses order to protect the flight of any aircraft of a Western coalition, however, operating under NATO and under the UN umbrella.
This statement is based on the conference as previously stated by U.S. General James Mathis, who spoke of this option said "... .. it would be a military offense." This will also require a large number of missions that involve military facilities throughout the Mediterranean.
The imposition of a no-fly zone in heaven Libyans would be of great help to the rebel forces operating in eastern Libya. To date, however, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and several U.S. government officials are still examining the possibility of such an operation.
Internationally, yesterday, it was finally registered the official position of the Chinese, the voice of its Permanent Representative to the UN LI Baodong, drew the vital need to respect three basic principles: national sovereignty, independence and Libya's territorial integrity.
This fact leads to a status quo that benefits for the time Colonel Qaddafi and weaken his opponents.

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