giovedì 10 marzo 2011

The economic war

Antonio De Bonis

The end of bipolar confrontation and its blocks, represented a break in the dynamics of international relations which led to a progressive and rapidly growing importance of economic issues than political and military.
It is generated, then, a dynamic flows, economic, and migration information, which briefly define globalization. Led to this new dynamic is the need for governments, especially those of most developed countries, mainly to face no more war on the ground as it is mainly on the economic and financial. It follows that the political weight, present and future, every government will depend on the potential economic and financial assessment from international markets and the ability to enhance and protect their assets. Geopolitical and geo-strategy must necessarily accompany the new guidelines, geo-economics, ie the projection of the various international economic and political realities, and private entities. By itself, it is already an important change: the determining specific gravity International, represented by the economic realities of a private nature which expresses itself through lobbying. Consequently, the report that much interests us today, the relationship must be established between the private sector and the public, or state in the management of international economic challenges. These two entities, it appears, must work together to build what may be termed the country system projected in the international arena. Now the better this system is capable of operating virtuously, the more the country will be able to interact at international level by taking a strong position and unique in all the different negotiating tables or contract. The passing of the old geopolitical dynamics through awareness of the role that today has taken the information as the set of individual pieces of knowledge. This knowledge may, and often must, be kept confidential or in many cases, sensitive, secret. Think of the various implications that the information may have in the economy in terms of research, study, protection of patents, trade secrets, etc ... etc ... No entity unless the state can better coordinate the various policies for protecting their interests cheap, of course correlated with those of the respective private sector. E 'in this context that we have to develop the synergistic action of public and private sectors to be able to compete better internationally. Competing means not only produce but also protect its wealth and its strategic assets from attack. To do this is called the economic intelligence that a few countries, first to France, has now taken on a priority between the commitments of the various intelligence agencies.
If the political clout of a state now depends, as we support, from their economic potential, it is clear that all countries are currently engaged in a permanent and undeclared war, not to an enemy, but all against all. From this objective situation of the contemporary cosederiva that requires each country to make the system even more awareness of the need to be united and cohesive to face an enemy highly volatile world market for trade and all the actors who act in it.

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