martedì 15 febbraio 2011

Shiite agitation in Bahrain.

In Bahrain, partly as a result of movements in Egypt and Tunisia that have led to the fall of their chairmen, are ongoing unrest due to the square of sectarian divisions between the majority Shiite population and the Sunni monarchy ruling al-Khalifa.
Unlike the protests in Tunisia and Egypt, during the riots in Bahrain are rooted in the tensions between its Shia population which accounts for 70 percent of the population and the Sunni al-Khalifa family, which controls the Bahrain.
Although these protests have shaken the regime in power, however, have raised concerns particularly given the government's Shiite supremacy in the region supported by Iran.
Fearing that what happened in Egypt and Tunisia could also occur in Bahrain, the regime of al-Khalifa has taken some precautionary measures to placate the rebellious Shiite Square: King Hamad has ordered the distribution of $ 2,650 to every family in the country. The scheme retains the ability to handle the situation getting even modest reforms to grant or, in the case, use the military option to suppress demonstrations
The United States is closely monitoring the situation in this country as well as being a haven for the fifth fleet is a milestone in the U.S. strategy to limit Iranian influence in the Persian Gulf. Iranian claims on Bahrain have not reached the critical mass necessary to threaten the regime, but the Shi'ite unrest in Bahrain if intense and prolonged could have a significant effect on the balance region could undermine the authority of the ruling family.
Are in the presence of a further element of instability of the entire Muslim world due to the historical conflict between the two hegemonic blocs: Sunni and Shiite, in this case for the control or simply the influence on the masses in the Middle East.
In this context appears to take more and more consistency the figure rising power of Iran which the whole area.

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