giovedì 10 febbraio 2011

Sank and the relationship between gangs and politics"

ROME -''You can 'take a considerable disproportion between the number of violations of the Code of Practice and the mafia-political dimension of the relationship that we perceive through the experience of our Commission and the same daily news''said Beppe Pisanu illustrating the results of the work on the latest administrative dall'Antimafia.
So while''before the 45 significant violations of the Code mafia, maybe we can say that they are not a good indicator of mafia ', and knowing many other things, we can add that if you are' sunken 'the gangs were also' sunken 'its relations with the worlds of politics and business.'' It is an invitation Pisanu all'Antimafia:''In these 'abyss', not breaks down, we can and must go if we are hitting in depth' organized crime.''
Of course''- said Pisanu - consider the deterrent effect which can 'be obtained, per se', the approval of the Code of Conduct, and especially me and 'clear that only in special cases, the gangs are exposed to the point to stand for election their affiliates recognizable.'' But recent events have revealed the show''certainly not unusual for candidates who offer themselves to Mafia bosses in exchange for their electoral support. We know that in general gangs are not political, but use them at all levels.

They do not propose candidates, but use the elect, ready to support them later for services rendered, as to punish them for broken promises. This teaches us the different stories, but not unrelated to each other, the Sicilian Mafia, the 'Ndrangheta, the Camorra and Sacra Corona Unita.''

However, he added -''I would insist on this point: 45 code violations on tens of thousands of candidates in the elections of 2010 seem a small thing. They are, for example, compared to 60 events in the chronicles mafia have revealed that between January 1, 2009 and January 31, 2011: I refer to arrests and convictions of politicians, to investigate leaks in local government and public procurement, to dissolution of municipal councils, other documented complaints of plots Mafia-business policy ... facts, all of these, which together reveal the continuing spread from south to north Italy to the 'gray area' where politics meets the gangs and these bends.'' In fact, all real data (from the seizure of criminal assets to the capture of fugitive bosses)''confirm that expansion.''

Pisanu and concluded by referring to the Anti-Mafia investigations will develop 'short''especially in central and northern new dimension to the economic and financial policy of the Italian mafia and foreign.''

The''self''of the election code, drawn up dall'Antimafia could become a law. And 'This is the proposal made by Pisanu. We should think carefully about the possibility'''to correct and make far more' efficient Code of Conduct as a means of prevention,''he said stressing that Pisanu must 'be addressing the question of exchange''electoral political mafia.''

In this context''- he said - we will also examine the possibility 'to stabilize it through a bill which, of course, should resolve the delicate issues of constitutionality' that arise concerning the right to vote or, more 'specifically, to 'active and passive exercise. I think in this sense can be restored in the examination of the proposal advanced by the Seventh Report of the Committee on Anti-Mafia legislation, and I refer in particular to the issues but unavoidable issue of 'open competition' and more 'large hypothesis' constituency exchange political-

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