martedì 8 febbraio 2011

The international global crime

In this article we start thinking about the evolution of the dynamics of the phenomena of organized crime in order to assess the threat in view of the role it plays in national and international level. Crime has added to the usual capacity of national actors to factor or geopolitical actor. The geopolitical cycles of the past century have now exhausted its historical function. The new multipolar world that is structured organized crime will have a role mainly in consideration of the economic potential of which it bears. In this system in the consolidation phase the main players are the U.S., China, Russia and India. These continental scale, with the exception of the USA which are also a maritime power, are looking for a strategic repositioning globally through the political, diplomatic, economic and military. These activities generate friction with on global since they are aimed to research the control of territories, partnerships and spheres of influence. In this game you enter other emerging players pushing to capitalize on its asset geo-political and geo-strategic in order to achieve regional autonomy By checking the influence of big powers. The different international policies generate the dynamics that produce an increasing number of crisis areas in which organized crime plays a role in its obvious. The examples are many and some have already been mentioned, but other realities of this kind are now facing the international limelight. Organized crime is set against the prevailing political power be it democratic or theocratic authoritarian nature. This contrast takes on different levels in relation to reports that crime and the power to establish. Sole purpose of organized crime is profit, that of power varies depending on the impromptu needs. Organized crime will always find the North Star as a compromise with the power in order to carry out their trades. In case this is not possible, to generate tension in contemporary Mexico as a high intensity or low intensity as at present in Italy. In areas where crime is an atavistic and constant relationship with the power to be affected. It may be that this relationship would lead to a paradoxical situation like that of Kosovo in which the entity crime and the power is con-fused. However, where large criminal organizations do not see their needs met, they will try to bend government policies to their own interests even to carry out terrorist-style practices. The radical Islamic jihadist has been added in recent years on the geopolitical and international organized crime is related with it exactly with the pragmatism used in relationship with the state. In some of the port city stronghold of al Shabaab in Somalia has always illegal trafficking that have recently recast as piracy. The Taliban would not have the same operational capability if they could not rely on the proceeds of the Afghan opium trade. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia insurgency degenerated into cocaine traffickers, however, as the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, the strongest far-right Colombian paramilitary group. The Albanian KLA Kosovo Liberation Army Liberation Army is to be passed to force the government heavily contaminated, using a euphemism, which monitors organized crime in Albania, one of the most important hub of drug trafficking world. The list is not exhaustive and did not take into account those countries where organized crime is so close to political power to influence the foreign policy choices even if those capabilities to their interests. E 'therefore be considered over the concept laid down by the Palermo Convention 2000, as now we are confronted with transnational organized crime, mafia-type fully aware of their role. Itself is already able strategic choices of configurations, depending on contingencies such as factor or geopolitical actor.

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