mercoledì 17 novembre 2010

The controversy triggered by performance of the italian writer Saviano

Antonio de bonis

The controversy triggered by performance-NEWS TV writer Saviano suggest me some lines about what just CRIME and, its obvious and disarming essence.
The criminal events over a territory are physiological in the presence of a human agglomeration. The consideration that none of the existing large mafia-type criminal organizations operating in the world (the Japanese Yakuza, the Chinese Triads, the Maffy Turkish, Sicilian Cosa Nostra and the American Cosa Nostra, the Neapolitan Camorra and the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta ... the list could continue ...) has been eradicated, should lead to some thoughts of sociological, political and pragmatico.Non ho, here the ambition to deepen the approach with individual aspects and the scientific method but I just simple considerations. From the point of view of society and ethics of human behavior, it is clear that crime responds to the needs that the social context considers ethically objectionable and therefore be prohibited, such as prostitution, gambling, drugs, and today violation of the copyright in all its forms. It seems clear then that the forms of governance have a role, regardless of the policy-maker, be it autocratic or democratic.

The crime works in close relationship with its territory. Binding is much stronger and this report, the more crime will become, over time, organized forms. It 'clear that the crime can permeate an area only if the state gives, for various reasons, to fully exercise its powers by allowing crime to flourish. It triggers a process that starts with the simple disconsolately clear denial of the phenomenon to pass it, if relativization to folclorizzazione (eg. The chief of chiefs, TV drama about the events of so-called Corleone, but also, as in these days ... he Saviano fact proposing that way-the-ritual forms of affiliation).

The crime is organized in a more advanced when it can control the territory, access to trade routes and a permeate was inefficient or conniving. Organized crime will continue to write, but I think that the first and essential assumption is that it is an economic phenomenon, even before human beings. Speaking of the mafia, "said Giovanni Falcone, who is a human phenomenon destined to end sooner or later. I, with regret, to go further, I'd say this is part of the truth as it will certainly end, but only a certain Mafia, the dominant in a particular historical period such as the period of the Sicilian Cosa Nostra in the hands of the Corleone;. However, the economic nature and essence of a criminal organization, as the story is there to teach us and warn us - will inexorably alter the characters adapt to external contingencies in regenerating new forms of crime albeit with connotations attached to their tradition. Crime is primarily business, the rest is instrumental to this end. This is the obvious starting point from which you should not matter when talking about organized crime.

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