sabato 9 ottobre 2010

information to the consumers: the traceability (english version)

Perhaps not everyone knows that on 1997 the European legislation made the labeling of beef’s meat compulsory from 2000 . The late '90s was featured at the European level, by instability of the market for beef and beef products because the spread of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). The European Union has aimed at improving the transparency of production and marketing of these products, in particular as regards traceability (ability to trace meat from the animal producer). To strengthen consumer confidence in beef and to avoid of deceive him, The EU has developed an information system through proper and clear labeling of the product. Therefore, first established an effective system of identification and registration of bovine animals in the production stage, through an ear that keeps the animal throughout its life and, secondly, a specific labeling of beef’s meat. In the supermarkets the label is clearly visible in the meat wrapped with an indication of where the animal was born (country of origin), where it was raised and where it was slaughtered. The small dealer is not exempt from this requirement but to avoid him the burden it is allowed to him an other system to ensure this information to the consumer, through the posting of warning signs, clearly visible in the store. Accordingly, the butcher "from home" must be able to prove the origin of the steak that he just cutted for you and do not think that just because "is small" is necessarily "genuine”

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